It’s not surprising that Shannon Kane is a marathon runner, given her tenacious support for the Democratic party. We’re proud to name Shannon July’s MRAYD Member of the Month.

Shannon began her organizing with the College Democrats at University of Richmond. She helped recharter that chapter and served as the chapter’s president. While at UR, Shannon worked with the City of Richmond and the University’s administration to establish a polling precinct on campus. Her work made the ballot more accessible to over 1,500 University of Richmond residents.

She did not just organize on UR’s campus. Shannon also organized with the national College Democrats of America, serving as that organization’s Deputy Field Director.

Shannon also formerly served as the Northern Regional Field Organizer for Abigail Spanberger and is an emphatic supporter of Abigail. In September, Shannon will start managing Veena Lothe’s State Senate campaign.

On top of all that, Shannon created Ready for Terry, a grassroots movement supporting former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for President in 2020.

Shannon was born to a military family but claims Providence, Rhode Island as her hometown. She runs marathons in her – limited – free time.

For all her work on the Democratic party’s behalf, we’re honored to name her as our July Member of the month.

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