Meet our March Member of the Month: Adolph Brown IV, Secretary of MRAYD.

Adolph is an experienced community advocate in the Richmond and Petersburg area. He has been active in MRAYD for almost 2 years and currently serves on the Executive Board as Secretary. His work is focused on engaging citizens in the political process, connecting communities with the resources they need, advocating for the rights of those who feel silenced and disenfranchised, and inspiring others around him to become the significant impact they desire to see in the world.

In particular, Adolph has worked on higher education, voter rights education, and civil rights issues. While a student at Virginia State University, he was active in The Association of Political Science (TAPS), Men of New Water, Men of Troy, Virginia21, and the Alpha Alpha Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Adolph is currently Chair of the NAACP housing committee and a member of the Richmond City Democrats Finance Committee. We are fortunate to have Adolph among our ranks!


Know an outstanding young democrat? Nominate our next member of the month here. 

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